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Help with Relationship, Urgent!

Question asked by PedroMarroquin on Dec 7, 2011
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Help with Relationship, Urgent!


So i have two tables with two layouts, those layouts are invoice that are printed 1 is for common clients and the other one is for government, why two different layouts? because government ask for specifics that the common client invoice can't have... The thing is this the government allow certain No. of ID for invoices mine is from 11352 to 12000, an those number can't be splitted into government and common what I need is that if invoice No. 11352 is made in common invoice is ok but when I go and do a government I need the number to be 11353... One batch of serial numbers for two different tables... There's another thing it can't be serialized because there are times when one invoice is two long and we use the same No. of invoice for example  Invoice for government No. 11360 is two pages long so the two pages are 11360 the next invoice must be 11361... Maybe just a portal to remember what was the las invoice No. used, but I don't know how to do that!



I tried making one table with 1 field that is serialized but it doesn't work, what can  I do?!