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    Help with Relationships



      Help with Relationships




      I'm trying to get my head around FM relationships but to no avail!


      Basically I have a contact FM file which contains all my contacts, I have another file which contains all my jobs, what I would like to be able to do is either...


      1. Access the contacts from the job file


      2. Be able to click a button from the contact file that would open the job file, create a new job and enter the contacts details automatically.


      Thanks in advance.





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          Hi SamanthB


          My previous reply really was not what you asked for so:


          So you have two files  1 Contacts   2 Jobs  ( I suggest you keep these file in the same folder)


          To join the files in a relationship there must be a field in each file that is going to be the Matching Field.

          The type of each of these field must be the same (text or number etc.) 

          Later in each record you enter short code name into this field in the contacts table (This can be automated)


          These fields are linked under the heading in File - Manage Data Base - Relationships.

          In the relationship window of your Jobs file you will need to find the Contacts file this should appear as another box of fields


          You draw a line between or link the matching fields. (the two fields created for the contact code) If this works  the files are linked.

          (When you enter the companies shortened name into the Matching Field in the Jobs table it will find the common field)  see next --


          In the Jobs layout  drawn down a new field from the menu and when list of fields appears in the layout go to the top menu of the field choice list and choose to look at the fields from the Contacts table instead Jobs.  Select e.g  one of the address or phone fields from the Contacts Table. this will now be part of the Jobs File window

          If you do not have the choice of the Contacts fields the linking is not right


          On entering the same code in the Jobs MatchingField as is in the Contacts Matching field the field contents of the matching Contacts recordwill appear in the Jobs table.


          Then do the same for all the other field that you wish to link to


          If it does not then the linking process is not right



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            Thanyou Dumiya, that worked a treat - and helped me get my head around the whole thing.