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Help with Relationships

Question asked by deraymen on Sep 16, 2013
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Help with Relationships


     I am trying to setup the following:

     1. I have a parts table

     2. I have an Engineering master table, which I set yo have multiple engineering masters per Part (to address rev changes etc)

     2. I have setup an Operations table, which will have multiple operations for each Engineering Master.

     3. I have setup a RawMaterial table.  This is setup so that for each Operation, I can specify the raw materiasl(s) need to be issued.

     I set-up the relationships, by selecting to allow creation and deletion of entries within the child table.

     I am frustrated that everytime I create an entry in teh child table, it appears to create an entry in teh parent table.  For example, when I create an entry in teh Raw Material table, I see that a new entry has been created in the Operations table..  It is almost as if the  relationships are all one-to-one.

     On the relationships chart, I keep showing "crows feet" on both ends, and I can't figure out how to get it resolved, so it is only the "crows-feet" on the child side.

     I am sure I am doing some silly thing wrong but I can't seem to understand what.  We used to have Filemaker 5 and I am trying to set-it up in FM12.  So there is a bit of a learning curve issue here as well..

     Any help will be appreciated.