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Help with relationships and getting value based on two criteria

Question asked by LarsChristensen on Sep 3, 2013
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Help with relationships and getting value based on two criteria



     I’m totally new to Filemaker Pro, and database generation in general for that matter, so please forgive if my question is stupid.

     I’m trying to build a database for a small engineering company with the purpose of keeping a record of the following:

     - Clients

     - Operations

     - Personnel


     Each client has several plants at which the operations take place.

     I’ve created a table and a layout for Clients, Operations and Personnel.

     I’ve then given the Clients layout five tabs, one for general information, and four for individual plants.


     The general information tab shows the total volume and total price of the all the operations performed on all of the plants of that specific client.

     The individual plants tabs are to show brief information about the operations performed, which I’ve done through the use of a portal and the filter option to exclude wrong plants by using a plant ID field.
     It’s also supposed to show the total volume and price for operations performed on that specific plant, and this is what I cannot figure out how to do.

     I've included a picture to help clarify what I need.