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Help with Reminder Notification

Question asked by NaturSalus on Jun 16, 2011
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Help with Reminder Notification



In my project all the records have a Revision Date  (Due Date) with format dd/mm/yyyy. So I need a warning system that warns me of the records that will need revision in 30 days or less.

Searching in this forum I found a post ( creating a reminder?) that has all the clues to achieve my goal, but since I don't understand the rationale behind it, I am having some problems adapting it to my case.

As long as the Reminder script compares the Revision Date (Due Date) with the Current Date, the script behaves as expected.

I have tried things like Get(current date) -30 but it din't work. Maybe it makes no sense.

So my question is, what changes do I need to introduce and where so that the script checks for records due 30 days in advanced of the Revision Date (Due Date).

Additionally, since I want to check out for Records Revision dates (Due dates) every single day I should to get rid of:

Set Field [Procedure::ReminderStatus ; "=" ]

Replace Field contents [no dialog ; Procedure::ReminderStatus ; "Reminded"]

Procedure::ReminderStatusProcedure field in the Procedure table.

Am I right assuming that this is not needed if I want to check for  Records Revision dates (Due dates) daily?

The Procedure table is where the records as well as the Revision Dat (Due Date) and Reminder Status fields are.

The Procedures Pending Revision is the report used to show the records pending revision in 30 days or before.


The Reminder script that I got from this foum and I am using is the following: