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    Help with Remote access required.



      Help with Remote access required.


      I Want to have access to my Filemaker files at home when I am away & dont know how to do this.


      My Home setup is Virgin Media/NTL box  straight into a Belkin wireless Router.I know I have to open port 5003 on th router but its the connection I am struggling with


      I know my NTL box has an IP address (x.x.x.x)& my router has its own IP address (192.168.x.x),Home PC Has IP address in range 192.168.x.1 to 254.

      When away do I connect directly to my home filemaker file through Filemaker Open remote & if so how or do I need do setup a vpn again how.

      Although initially I just need Filemker access full PC access would be helpful also.


      Thanks for any help you be able to give


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          There are a couple of ways to handle this.


          When I open a file remotely here, I usually reference the system by direct IP Address and file name.  For example, if you go to "Open Remote..." from the File menu, a new window appears.  At the bottom of that window, there is an area to enter the Network File Path.  Enter:




          As long as you have Network sharing turned on for this file, you should be able to access this file anywhere (depending on firewall).


          In addition, you may want to consider setting your Access Privileges and set a password so only you can open the file.


          There is a good Knowledge Base reference article dealing with sharing files and ports.  Go to:




          Another option is to use Instant Web Publishing (IWP), which allows you to access your database file through a browser.


          Finally, you can get some third-party product (Timbuktu) on a Windows machine to have full access from a remote computer.  This way, you can log onto our own computer from another location.  On a Macintosh with OS X 10.5 (Leopard), there is the utility Remote Desktop.


          I hope this helps.  Let me know if you need clarification for anything I said.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            The answer is soooo simple you won't believe it: just go to LogMeIn https://secure.logmein.com/home.asp?lang=en and install their remote access software.


            No router set-up, no compromising your firewall, no windows Remote Desktop, no client software (any browser from any internet cafe or friend's computer will do), access from Mac,  PC , Linux, no previous knowledge required.  It is simply superb.


            You can simply 'be sitting in front of your own screen' from anywhere in the world, and work away.


            And then while you're there, download their Hamachi program....



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              Thanks for the reply but not quite what I meant! also IWP is not an option for me.

              I already understand & use the open remote and do use this but when I am already on the same network.

              I guess after some reading up today that what I really need to look at going down the vnc or terminal services route so that I am physically connected to my network from the remote location then maybe I can connect using the Open remote.

              So will look for help on setting up vnc.



              Again thank you for the link, looks similar to Team Viewer & real VNC. I am not looking to control a PC at home from a remote location.


              an example of what I need is as follows:-

              Have Filemaker running on PC at home

              Have Filemaker running on my Laptop connected to internet via Hotel Lan or USB broadband.

              On laptop want to log onto open FM file at home to update info.

              Problem is getting to the file,how do I get the connection, which IP address do I use,

              was looking to do something like this


              where first x.x.x.xidIP address of my NTL box


              Hope this explains better.


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                I'm confused, Blackcat, sorry.  If you already have Filemaker running on your home PC, why not just install LogMeIn on the Home PC?  (You are right that it is just like RealVNC or Team Viewer, but in my experience it is streets better.)  You don't even need to have Filemaker installed on your laptop - just fire up a web browser, wherever you are, and log on to your Home PC screen.  If you could update the FM file if you were sitting at home, then just do exactly the same thing using your laptop screen.  It is so good that if you use it for 10 minutes you'll possibly forget that you *aren't* actually sitting at home in front of your screen.


                If you use LogMeIn (as opposed to RealVNC, for instance, from memory) you don't have to do anything with your router or firewall.  You don't have to know anything about IP addresses, fmnet, port forwarding, or routing tables.  You don't even have to have your laptop with you - you can use the PC in the hotel lobby, your business colleague's desktop (running Windows,  Mac, or Linux...- they don't even need to have FM installed).


                And you will be able to print reports locally if you want, for instance; I just can't see what the obstacle is to this achieving exactly what you detailed.  Sorry - it's probably is that I'm being too simplistic.



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                  Its my fault my explanation is poor!

                  I can't always use the home PC filemaker as somtimes when with a client & there is no web access I need to use a local copy of my FM file & then sync to the home one at a later date, however, when I am connected I want to be able to change the Home PC FM layaouts & then be able to copy the the changed FM file to my remote laptop.



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                    Ah.  I see.  Sorry.


                    I think this is really two separate problems:


                    Q:  How do I log on to my FM files remotely?

                    A: I think the LogMeIn solution is absolutely perfect for this.




                    Q:  How do I take a copy of my FM files to my laptop, work on them remotely, then come back some time later and synchronise them with the 'master' file?


                    A: There are ways of doing this, but it becomes immensely complicated (for me), as, for example, you would have to decide what to do if the same record had been updated by you while working remotely, and also updated by someone else working meantime on the Master File. Which one does it keep as having the 'correct' data?  Finding records that are different between your 'copy' and the 'master' would be relatively simple, but I'm afraid I have to bow out and pass it over to the experts on file synchronisation on this one.


                    Sorry I can't help,