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Help with report

Question asked by imedic on Jan 3, 2012
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Help with report


I have a database with classes and attendance for those classes. Each class has a topic (pulled from a value list) and a category (pulled from a value list). The way I am trying to do the report is to list the Topics and Categories down the middle and have the 1 st year hours listed on the left and the 2nd year hours listed on the right. The only information I need for each person is the total hours and date completed. I have manually typed the topics and categories into the report, so I only need to figure out the calculations for the total hours for each and the date. For example

Date (Year 1)          Total Hours                                                Date (Year 2)         Total Hours

         X                        X                     Topic A Category 1                X                        X

         X                        X                     Topic A Category 2                X                        X

There are 5 topics and 2 categories.

I have tried everything and nothing is working right. Thanks in advance.