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Help with Report - merge fields with two or more related records

Question asked by KristenConley on Oct 21, 2011
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Help with Report - merge fields with two or more related records



I am new to FileMaker and though I have read a lot of the posts here, I still haven't been able to solve my issue.  I am using FMPro 11.0v4 on a Mac.  I work for an entertainment company that sends out various entertainment for parties (such as disc jockey and karaoke, or disc jockey and novelty photos. I have set up our database in the following manner:

Client ----<Events---<EventEntertainment---<EntertainmentProducts

My issue comes with how to create our contract. We were previously using ACT which allowed me to "write" a word document that would use merge fields to input the information but then I could edit it as needed (which created its own problem of our database not being accurate).  So, with our new FileMaker database, I have a layout for contracts and have all the info inputted via merge fields. My problem comes when I have an event that has more than one related EventEntertainment record. It will only show the first one listed.

This is how I currently have the "Contract" layout (from the event table):

We will provide <<EventEntertainment:Number of Hours>> of <<EventEntertainment:Product Name>> for a total price of <<EventEntertainment:Rate>> during the hours of <<EventEntertainment:StartTime>> to <<EventEntertainment:EndTime>> on <<Event Date>>

I would like this to repeat on the contract for each entertainment product selected for that event.  If I switch the contract layout to pull info from the EventEntertainment Table then it gives me a seperate contract for each entertainment product selected. I would like it to all be contained on one contract. Basically, like an invoice with line items but much more text!


I hope I've provided all of the needed information. Any help would be appreciated.