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Help With Reports

Question asked by TyroneNoel on Oct 23, 2013
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Help With Reports


     Hi Guys


     I have built a filemaker database, well it has 2 databases in it.

     it is client management for my Broadband customers.


     I have 2 databases in it.


     First database is all the user info, contracts, account info, loyalty program etc.


     the second database is the different accounts we host, cost price and sale price.

     The trick to it is that i have loyalty clients, ie. they joined me through a loyalty program of some form. i have created separate accounts in the second database for these loyalty accounts. and in the first database there is a loyalty program table that has a drop down menu of the different loyalty options.


     i now need to create a report that shows me the clients that are not on loyalty programs, and the ones that are, subtotalling the total cost and sale prices for each loyalty program so that we know how much we owe our partners


     i hope this is clear enough, please let me know if this is possible


     Many Thanks