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    Help with Reports Page



      Help with Reports Page


           Hi Everyone,

           I am creating a budgets report page with a specific layout.  The issue is, all of our fields are calculated based on categories in drop-down fields, which are placed on a "summaries" page.  So, if I want to view line items and budget balances for our Development budget, I select "Non-Category" and "Development"  on the "Summary" page.  It then shows all totals and entries for "Development."  So, I can only view one budget at a time, based on which budget is selected.

           We have approximately 15 different budgets I need to show on a single reports page.  But since each budget name, balance, and other info is based on calculations, there isn't really a way I can just pull fields in to give me a single-page summary in the format I need.  See the attached image.

           What do you guys think is the best way for me to pull in all of this information into this format?


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               Here is a view of the Summary page, which dynamically updates based on the drop-down in the upper, left-hand corner.

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                 Can't really go into detail without knowing more about your data model--the tables and relationships that store the data that need to be accessed to produce your report.

                 One option is to set up a summary report where you simply perform a find for the records you need in your report and then sort them to group them by budget category. Sub summary layout parts can then be used to set up sub headers and to also display sub totals for groups of records in this report.

                 Here's an old but still valid tutorial on summary reports that illustrate what I am discussing: Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial

                 If you have any questions/comments about that tutorial, please add them to your thread, not the tutorial. Comments posted to it will not automatically push that older thread into Recent Items so I am not likely to notice that this was done.