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Help with Reports Page

Question asked by Christian on Feb 20, 2013
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Help with Reports Page


     Hi Everyone,

     I am creating a budgets report page with a specific layout.  The issue is, all of our fields are calculated based on categories in drop-down fields, which are placed on a "summaries" page.  So, if I want to view line items and budget balances for our Development budget, I select "Non-Category" and "Development"  on the "Summary" page.  It then shows all totals and entries for "Development."  So, I can only view one budget at a time, based on which budget is selected.

     We have approximately 15 different budgets I need to show on a single reports page.  But since each budget name, balance, and other info is based on calculations, there isn't really a way I can just pull fields in to give me a single-page summary in the format I need.  See the attached image.

     What do you guys think is the best way for me to pull in all of this information into this format?