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Help with runtime installer on mac osx - packagemaker

Question asked by fxdb on Mar 20, 2010
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Help with runtime installer on mac osx - packagemaker


First off, Im extremely new to using packagemaker for the mac so go easy... 

I have created a runtime from filemaker 11 and added it into Package Maker (including all required files) however upon testing.. it builds the package fine, however just as it gets to the end of the install, it states that the installation failed. 

It does however installed all the solution files  extensions etc but failed to install the runtime (.app) portion.  

Whilst this may or may not be related, I though it was worth adding just in case. If I try to zip the folder containing the newly built runtime files, it gets to around 99% then never ends. 

I have tried the same thing in Filemaker 10 previously without an issue.. (if I remember correctly) but would have to re-install 10 to test this theory further. 


Also, if I remove the files and just leave all my resource / solutions files, there are no failures..

Ive absolutely no idea where to go from here, other than an extremely expensive install maker.. I would prefer a little more than a simple zip archive.