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Help with script

Question asked by kilbot on Sep 29, 2009
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Help with script


I have a repeating field (up to 15 per record) and I want to print a report that will capture the right 3 digits of a 6 digit position number. Example


1st record 

Tom Jones        900701

Karrie McCarty   912301

Mary Cartwright 911606 


2nd record 

Ed James          900626

Kenny McCree    912881

Joe Smith          911116 


3rd record 

Jim Jacklin          900626

Liz Keen            912755

Jimmy Gonzalez   912216 


So I would like it to capture 2 records  if I was looking for 700 - 800 for the last 3 digits. I would also like to get a summary of how many cases plus a couple of other fields. Please let me know if you have any advice.