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    help with script



      help with script


      Hi need help with a script, how do I make a script for this:

      In a layout I have a field cpr

      when I type in a number in that field, it should find that nr. in another table and see if it exists and if it dose then it should check it's status, and if the status is what I wanted then it should type in the tables pkey in my layout? :S

      so from table "syge"
      field "cpr" I type in a number

      it should go to

      table "kursist"

      and checks if it has that cpr nr, and if its there, then it can get up to 5 fields in the table "eaftale".

      in the "eaftale" table I only want that field that has the status "avalible" it should return that row's pkey back to me in my layout and post it in a field called eaftale.