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    Help with script



      Help with script


      I'm new to FM Pro, and want to set up a script that clears the text contents of Field1 in all records where the checkbox that comprises Field2 is checked "Yes." Can anyone help?  Thank you for your time.

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          perform find [field2 = "yes"]   //finds records where Field2 is yes

          Set Field [field1;""]  //clears Field1 in the first record of the found set

          Replace Field Contents [Field1,current contents] //clears Field1 in the rest of the found set

          Show all records   // goes back to showing all records


          If you check the Perform without dialog box for each of the steps it is available for, the script will do this without having to click OK each time.

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            Thank you for taking the time to answer. It works well, but there's no "Perform without dialog box" checkbox for the second step (Set Field [field1;""]), so it generates a dialog box during the script. Is there another way to turn this off so that it runs without a dialog box?

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              Set field does not pop up a dialog box when the script executes. If you are seeing a dialog box, it is being opened by another script step in this script.

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                Thank you! I went back to find that I had forgotten to check the box in the Replace Feild Contents step. Guess I'm still on the very steep part of the learning curve.