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      Help with Script - Find & Replace from database


      I have main database containing technical information about products and now I created new database I want to use as the source for find&replace text in main database (e.g. replace OLDtext " x " with NEWtext " × " (letter x to sign multiple), cm3 to ccm etc.)

      I can't find, how to create script to use this replacement database and replace text in main database. I tried to setup to use first record in repacement database, replace all text in main database, then use 2nd record etc. There is no db relationship. I don't kow if there is any other issue but I tried several ways how to create this script and still no succes. 

      appreciate any help with this "easy" task. :)

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          Is this change made to the same field of your record in every case?

          Is Oldtext and NewText the same values used in every record?

          If so, you can use replace field contents with the calculation option.

          Substitute ( YourTable::YourTextField ; "cm3" ; ccm )

          Could be the calculation used with this tool. Just show all records or perform a find for all records that contain cm3 first.

          Note: Since this tool an modify data in very large numbers of records all in one batch operation, make a back up copy of the file first so that you can try again if the operation changes your data in ways you didn't expect.