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Help with script please

Question asked by ChrisSmythe on Jan 11, 2013
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Help with script please


     Hello, I am using FileMaker Pro 12 on Windows XP.  I am having some difficulty trying to make my script work as shown in the screen-shot below.

     I am trying to perform a find such that the following happens:

     1.  It goes to layout: Find Emergency Contacts which come from the Emergency Contacts table;

     2.  Enters Find Mode;

     3.  Set Field - Personnel::Service that equals "Army";

     4.  Set Field - EmergencyContacts::RelatedToEmployeeID for all RelatedToEmployeeIDs that are less than 8510000

     5.  Perform the Find.

     6.  The field type of RelatedToEmployeeID is: Text.  That is because some of the RelatedToEmployeeIDs have alpha-numeric characters in them.

     7.  I am unable to get Step 4 (shown above) to work properly.  Step 3 (shown above) works fine.

     I do not know how to script FileMaker to find RelatedToEmployeeIDs that have a value less than 8510000.

     Could some one please be kind enough to help me get my script to work properly?

     Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

     Kind regards,

     Chris smiley