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Help with Script Please!

Question asked by mgxdigital on Apr 1, 2010
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Help with Script Please!


I'm in need of help with a script.

If anyone can help me write this out, i would be so grateful :smileyhappy:


I need a script where i can find all records based on a salesperson field, date field, invoice paid field, and commission paid field.


I'd like the script to be able to search for the salesperson based on manual enter of the salesperson name, then search from 1/1/10 to current date, then also be able to search for a checkbox in the invoice paid field to be marked. Then i'd like it to search for the commission paid checkbox to by UNMARKED.


So example:

I'd maybe like a popup box to come up to ask for the inititals of the salesperons:

I can type in my initals and FM will search for me, all records since the beginning of the year where the invoice has been paid, but the record has not recieved commission.


This is really tough for me to figure out so i'm hoping someone can help me out please