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Question asked by DanPhillips on Nov 4, 2013
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Help With Script Search


     Hi All,

     I have a report that I want to exclude a specific type of record from. I want it to exclude the type "reload" from showing up in the report. I'm not sure the syntax I have to use, as I'm not very familiar with Filemaker in general on the DBA side of it.

Here is the code to setup the find criteria:

     Else If[$Option = "custsat"]

     Set Field [Contracts::CompletionDate; $DateRange]

     Set Field [Contracts::IsHopeChest; "=0"]

     Set Field [ContractArea::OfficeName; $Office]

     Set Field [Contracts::Area; $Area]

     Set Field [Contracts::Product; $Product]


     Thanks in advance for help!