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    Help with scripted find requests



      Help with scripted find requests


      I currently have a script which performs multiple find requests in a table I have created to then create a report for the find results. The script runs as it should but the problem I have is when there isn't any records which match the find criteria. At this point an error message pops up "No Records Match This Find Criteria", all the user needs to do at this point is click the "Continue" button and the script proceeds. This instance can occur numerous times and becomes a nuisance. Is there a way in my script to ignore this and continue automatically? Any help would be appreciated.


      Jesse Haagenson

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          Here are two scripts one that will error and the other will not. Notice you can use a custom message if you want some info on what happened. In this case I have it commented I will not see a thing, FileMaker will continue back to where it was at (original layout) and not show it did not find anything. This is a simple primitive version but you are looking to understand the ways to work with the Set Error Capture script step. Make sure to turn it "OFF" at end of script, or it will capture all errors in program and you will never know things have gone wrong.

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            Thank You Chris. This worked flawlessly. I had tried a few different "If" statements and none seemed to work. This has stumped me for a few weeks now. Thanks again.