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Help with Scripting

Question asked by ChrisCameron on Sep 14, 2011
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Help with Scripting


I am having a scripting issue. My issue is that since I have created a Barcode Script which when selecting a field within fm go a camera app will open up on my iphone/ipad and allow for picture to be taken of barcode it then will insert the field into the line items, however when I update the quantity the Update Inventory Button does not work. I have copied and pasted the scripts that I have for Barcode Scanning. I am using the FileMaker Pro Update Inventory script as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Barcode Scanning:

Open URL

"icody://scan?callback=fmp7script%3A//%24/" & Get ( FileName ) & "%3Fscript%3Dscan%26param%3D%23%23%23barcode%23%23%23"

Return Scan

Set Field Get ( ScriptParameter )