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Help with Scripts for Integrated Instant Messaging

Question asked by SaraVichorek on Aug 11, 2015
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Help with Scripts for Integrated Instant Messaging


Hello, I'm using the following tutorial for instant messaging within FileMaker Pro 14 and I'm coming across a couple issues.

1. Under Step 7, Scripting, as highlighted in blue below, I do not understand this comment. I cannot enter "Messenger" as a value and do not understand the instructions to remedy this. Create it where/how? Just need clarification.

2. I do not have the "Show/Hide Status Area" script as highlighted below in red. Is there an alternative for this?

Set Variable [ $windowname; Value:”Messenger” ]
#Attempt to select the messenger window. If unsuccessful, it must not exist, so create it.
Select Window [ Name: $windowname; Current file ]
If [ Get ( WindowName ) ≠ $windowname ]
New Window [
Name: $windowname;
Height: 650;
Width: 600;
Top: Get ( WindowTop ) + 50;
Left: Get ( WindowLeft ) + Get ( WindowWidth ) – 550
Show/Hide Status Area [ Lock; Hide ]
End If
Go to Layout [ “Messenger” (Globals) ]
#If there are unread messages, set the active chat user to one who sent a message.
If [ Count ( Messenger~new::__pk_MessengerID ) > 0 ]
#This will trigger the script, Mark As Read
Insert Calculated Result [ Globals::_GK_ChatUsername; Messenger~new::_fk_Username~from ] [ Select ]
End If
Commit Records/Requests [ No dialog ]
Thank you!