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help with scripts in FM 11

Question asked by jessekmiec on Sep 30, 2014
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help with scripts in FM 11


 I have a database (FM 11) that i would like to have zip codes in one column associated with a "region" in another. I would like this to be automated where as i enter the zip code in column one and column 2 would set itself automatically to the predefined region. Simply put if i enter a zip code from the Los Angeles area in the zip column i would like the geography column to automatically have "L.A. Area" entered into it. Subsequently if i enter a zip from brooklyn into the zip column i would like the geo column to have brooklyn automatically entered.


 I have limited experience with scripting and think i should use the "IF" script but i do not know how to set the automatic setting of the second column. Can anyone here help me out with this?

All i can figure out so far is

IF [Get(ZIP) ="11233"]

i need if the IF is yes for field (geography) to return as Brooklyn.


Anyone? Please? I love you :)