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Help With Scripts Working With Cost Averages

Question asked by Chris on Jan 30, 2011
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Help With Scripts Working With Cost Averages


I'm very new to Filemaker. I'm designing a database that tracks investment transactions and accounts. I have a portal on my account layout showing every transaction. I've been able to set up, after an extensive amount of hours, weighted averages so that I can create a cost average. My first problem is not being able to do everything within the script. I had to create a field to contain the score so that I could run a 'Sum'. My second problem now lies with multiple investments. When I run Sum, it's for every transaction in that account, not differentiating which investment to create a sum for. I haven't been able to figure out how to perform a find for each Sum script I need to run for each stock. Maybe I'm going about this all wrong. 


Stock A Total: 175 Shares

Stock B Total: 5 Shares

Portal Transactions:

Stock A | Buy | 50 Shares   | $21/share    | 6(weighted score)

Stock A | Buy | 125 Shares | $28.09/share | 20.0625 (weighted score)

Stock A | Buy | 100 Shares | $36.75/share | 21 (weighted score)

Stock A | Sell | 100 Shares | $39.20/share | -22.4 (weighted score)

Stock B | Buy | 5 Shares    | $85/share     | 85 (weighted score)

Here's my script so far:

Go to Layout ["Client Accounts" (Client Accounts)]


Go to Portal Row [Select; Next; Exit after last]

If [Transaction::Product = "Stock A"]

Clear [Select; Transactions::Score Average]

Set Variable [$Weight; Value:Transactions::Qty / Client Accounts::Stock A Qty]

Set Variable [$Score; Value:Case (Transactions::Transaction = "Buy" ; (Transactions::Debit / Transactions::Qty)*$Weight ; Transactions::Transaction="Sell" ; (Transactions::Credit/Transactions::Qty)*$Weight*-1)

Set Field[Transactions::Score Average; $Score]

End If

End Loop

Set Field [Client Accounts::Stock A Cost Average; Sum (Transactions::Score Average)]

Exit Script []

If anybody has a solution, please help!