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Help with Search form

Question asked by Nope.jpg on Jun 20, 2013
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Help with Search form


     Hey there,

     I have been using filemaker pro for about 2 days.  I have experience with databases.  I am looking to create a online database with 2 publically available forms, one that will be a user registration form and the other which will be a search form to search the user database.  I have developed both layouts and have a couple of conditional popup menus for selecting location etc. 

     I am now trying to develop a search form that will basically use the prepopulated popup lists that have location and contact method (I have used a checkbox field here with a few options).  I basically want a button that will perform a search on the user database based on the location selected from a pop up list and whatever checkboxes are selected.


     Can anyone post links to a site that may have a downloadable example that I can work backwards from or even some tutorial sites.  I have found alot of tutorials for how to do a search and then print the results, but none that would allow the results to be posted to a field below the button. 

     Also any links on how to do IWP and control access etc would be much appreciated as well as any beginner sites or filemaker that would detail more then creating databases (which for me is pretty straight forward already).

     Any and all help is much appreciated.