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    Help with security settings



      Help with security settings


      I have buttons on a database that trigger scripts that create and search records as well as modify fields within records and goto different layouts and modes within the database. I'm trying to create a keyosk type system for my end users.

      For example off the kyosk page they can hit the submit request button and that will take them to a layout with global fields to enter the information fo the new record. they can then hit a button that puts those global field values into the coresponding fields of a new record which is also created by the same script.

      Another script button allows a user to alter the status field of an existing record. if the user hits "approved" button it changes the record status to approved and records the username of whoever hit the button.

      How do i configure the security settings so that a user can not do anything other than hit the script buttons to navigate and enter data and of course inter information into the global fields. i can't seem to get this set up right.

      curently i have all records as modifieable but the layouts are view only and the scripts are all exicutable only. However, I still find under this security setting some fields such as date and time (not an auto entry field, it is the date and time a person is requesting leave for) are manually modifiable from sertian layouts.

      thanks in advance.

      I should also give credit to phil who gave me the original idea of using global fields transfered to new records via scripts. 

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          Turn auto-commit off, then check in your update scripts for the proper permission sets. If the user has the correct permission, then set the fields and commit the records and if not pop up a dialog and then halt the script.

          The layout being modifiable pertains to whether someone can change the layout design itself via "Edit Layout".



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            You can also use security settings to restrict how a user can edit the values in your tables so that they cannot edit the value, but then you click the "run with full access privileges" check box in the script editor for each of your scripts that modify fields. This way, the scripts performed by the user can modify data, but the user cannot. (And put the global fields in one table and give them edit permission on just that one table...)