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Help with setting up a record

Question asked by fmpro_novice on Nov 10, 2014
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Help with setting up a record


I have a FM file that will need to be Saved as an Excel file. Attached is what the Excel file will end up looking like. I have all the fields on the FM layout working, except, I don't know how to create the field that will display the Last Names, First Names and Email addresses on individual lines like what is showing on the Excel screenshot. 

The Excel file is showing a "team." TeamNumber, TeamSponsor, and Paid are all just one field in FM on the layout. I don't know how to list the data for each team member on separate lines when Saved as Excel. I want the FM user to simply enter a TeamNumber, TeamSponsor, check a box for Paid, then enter each player's name and contact info.

Can someone tell me how to create a field in FM that will produce what is showing in the Excel file attached?