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Help with setting up tables

Question asked by WIlliamCopp on Jun 27, 2014
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Help with setting up tables


     Ill try to keep this simple.


     I am creating a FM Go "app" that I can use to test out different conference rooms we have in our office - One main portion of it will be a database of all the equipment with setup info / manuals / models / ID tags / etc. That is working out ok. 


     The other part is being able to click on a particular room and have it bring up all eligible questions that apply to that room. 


     I started with a Rooms table with info like seating, Room ID (which is also related to individual equipment IDs so it can pull a list of all equipment in the room). 

     The other table would be for questions - I do not necessarily need to log the individual answers to these questions as they are really few and far between and I would just make a table to log incidents with details in there. So the table would be something like



     -Question Text

     -Room ID


     The issue here is that one question can be in more than one room. I am trying to make a pool of about 30-40 questions that many rooms may use the same one, some may only use a few, some may use all 40. I am stumped on how to set up my relationships this way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.