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    Help with Similar Key



      Help with Similar Key


           I have a database that I picked from sample templates "Contact Management".  It has the capacity to find similar contacts by Name, Company and City.  I added Type.  I then added a "k_similar_Type" field copying the model from the other fields.  I added the Type field to the field inicated as k_similar_multikey and I also added a relationship from Table Contact Management to Table similars_by_Type using field k_similar_type.

           After all my contacts are in, one group of contacts in a type indicated as GOVT does not appear with all the other GOVT types and I do not understand why.  They have different company names and different cities but they all have GOVT as the type.  Shouldn't all the GOVT types appear with all the other GOVT type contacts?  What is missing?  any ideas to help me?

           Thank you in advance

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               It appears you are using the template from FileMaker 11.

               Did you update the value list for g_Similar_By to include the new GOVT value?

               Did you update the k_Similars calculation field to include the value of this type field?

               Curiously, neither the Similar_Name nor the Similar_Company appear to be used anywhere in the starter solution (I created a Database Design Report and searched it for these names...)

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                 Yes, I am using FM 11

                 Yes, I did update the g_similar_by

                 Yes, I did update the k_Similars calculation field

                 What I Find is weird is that some GOVT type contacts work but this one group does not.  Do you think I need to re-enter them incase they have some sort of eroneous character that is goofing this up? 

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                   Well, I re-entered one of those entries and now it works so there must have been something wrong with this whole group.  Not too many to re-enter but at least I hadn't set it up wrong.  Thank you for checking on me.