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Help with simple database layout

Question asked by KevinLinde on Aug 27, 2014
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Help with simple database layout


     I am trying to build a layout that allows me to enter a patient name to search, which then returns the appropriate patient with a list of their records.  I would like this list of records to be in the format of a data entry form where I can scroll through the records or add records as necessary. I have tried to do this with adding a portal, which works, but portals are only formatted as tables which makes data entry not very user friendly.

     I have built a very simple example that uses two tables, Patients and Notes, and have related the two tables.  This gives me a form to use that has all the patients present unless I use the find option to search for only that patient's records. This does work but I have built a database in Access that uses subforms to do what I have described above which makes more sense and seems to be easier to use.

     I am fairly new to databases so I believe that I am missing some building ideas here.

     Thanks in advance for your patience and help.