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Help with something I never know how to do.

Question asked by ThomasB on Oct 24, 2008
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Help with something I never know how to do.


In fact I don't even know which of filemaker's capabilities I should be using so you could help either by solving my example, or by telling me which chapter of the manual I should go off and read. Either would help. Here's an example problem:


I have a Music Collection database with three fields: Artist, Album Title and Medium ( i.e. "CD" or "LP" )

I would like to create a layout with an overview of my collection that shows me an artist list that automatically updates if I add a new artist but not if I add another album by an artist I already have. You can imagine the list I'm talking about if you click Command-i while in a field in Browse mode.

Beside each name I would like to see how many CD's and LP's I have by that artist.



It's probably easy but I just can't get my feeble brain around it.