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    Help with something I never know how to do.



      Help with something I never know how to do.


      In fact I don't even know which of filemaker's capabilities I should be using so you could help either by solving my example, or by telling me which chapter of the manual I should go off and read. Either would help. Here's an example problem:


      I have a Music Collection database with three fields: Artist, Album Title and Medium ( i.e. "CD" or "LP" )

      I would like to create a layout with an overview of my collection that shows me an artist list that automatically updates if I add a new artist but not if I add another album by an artist I already have. You can imagine the list I'm talking about if you click Command-i while in a field in Browse mode.

      Beside each name I would like to see how many CD's and LP's I have by that artist.



      It's probably easy but I just can't get my feeble brain around it.

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          Stephen Huston



          It sounds like you want a sub-summary report sorted by the Artist. I think you will find what you want in Help or the Manual under subsummary parts. You put the Artist's name on the subsummary part of the layout rather than the body to get it to list only once. AND you have to go into preview mode to see the proper results.


          You are embarking on a small adventure. I know FM users who have been at it for years and never created a subsummary report, but they are essential to all kinds of advanced reporting techniques.



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            No need to point you to the manual.  :-)


            There are two ways that immediately come to mind, and each way is different.


            The first way is the one recommended by sHuston (Thank you!).  That is, create a new Layout that includes a Sub-Summary section.  That way, when you sort the file by Artist and view in Preview, all the albums will be listed under each Artist.  This is the easiest way, but as sHuston mentions, you have to see the results in Preview; not in Browse mode.


            The other way, which is more difficult, is to to split the Artist and the Albums into two different tables, and have a key field linking the two tables together.  One for the artist, and one for the Albums.  This is because one artist can have many albums, but an album (usually) belongs to one artist.  For example, Michael Jackson has many albums, but Amy Winehouse only has one album.  This will allow you to list each artist, and the albums linked to this artist in a portal.  You can then add up the number of entries/albums for each artist and display that number in the Artist file.  This would be the recommended solution, but it involves more time.


            If you need help setting this up, including relationships, or want clarification, please let me know.



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              Wow! Thank you both.


              I'm going to try both methods so I can learn as much as possible about Filemaker (it has always been my favourite computer game).