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    Help with Sorted Sum



      Help with Sorted Sum


      I am working on an employee salary payment DB and I want to know how to sum the employee's payment and remaining balance seperately of each employee. I tried by adding records of 2 different employees but the sum of balance and payment is displaying together of both the employees in the form.

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          It's hard to say without knowing more about your database design. If this is all in one table and you've defined the balance as a summary field, you can add a sub summary part sorted by a field such as an Employee ID field that groups the records by employee. You can put your summary fields in this sub summary part and see the subtotals for each employee.

          Here's a tutorial on summary reports that may help:  Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial

          This tutorial shows how to combine info from two related tables in one summary report--which may not be a needed feature of your report, but it also shows in detail how to add sub summary parts to your layout.