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Help with Sorting!

Question asked by AdamHorne on Mar 4, 2014
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Help with Sorting!


     I'm having a problem sorting rows on a portal. Here is a basic ERD of my Database:
          When I'm on the Order Layout, I'm using the portal add Equipment to OrderLines. I'm adding what I call "Parent" or "Main" equipment items to the order. Once I finish, I run a script that goes to the accessory table and will find any accessory records for each "Parent" item and adds them to the order.  
               I would like to sort the portal by Parent » Its Accessories ; Parent » It's Accessories ; etc... 
                    I'm trying to figure out how to do this...
                    I've thought of trying to use a Value List; but I'm having trouble determining how to set this up in order for it to work.  
                    I've thought of using an additional field for the purposes of sorting, but I ran into this problem:
                    As you can see the item 29" Scrim is used with two different "Parent" items, so I was unable to determine how to use an additioanl "sort" field. 
                    The only option that I can think of is to add an additional field in the OrdersJoin table with a auto-enter serial with an increment of 10.  Then I would add aditional script steps to get the value of each "Parent" Item and add it's accessories within the 10 records buffer. 
                    However, while I don't have any "Parent" items with more than 10 accessories, it doesn't seem like great option, for obvious reasons.  
                    Thanks for any help.