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Help with specific settings for users

Question asked by madmike6537 on Nov 5, 2013
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Help with specific settings for users


     Hello - I am trying to work with various users and have them go to different layouts depending on the user.


     For example, I might have a user called mikeiPad. When he logs in using FileMaker go - I would like him to be taken to an iPad layout screen. 

     Then I might have a user - BettyDesktop, and I want her to be taken to a layout for data entry on her computer. There wont really be a case where betty would need an ipad and also a computer - but if there is a better way to distinguish between the two so someone could have one login and still be taken to different layouts depending on the device they login with, that would be great also.

     What I have found so far:

     I see the File Options settings and that I can run a script from there. But does the settings I establish here take effect for all users or just the user that is listed on the firs tab "Open"? Can I simply type in the user I want this to be applied to in this screen and then change the setting?


     If i want to use a script trigger - which would work best for running right when filemaker opens? I see OnFirstWindowOpen  - but not really sure what that means, would they need to open a window before this will run? Will it run right when filemaker first runs?


     Also - what call back can I use to check either the device someone is on, or just their login information to then display the applicable layout? 


     Sorry for all the questions, just trying to wrap my head around the best way to do this. Thanks!