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Help with starter solutions

Question asked by PaulPerry on Oct 17, 2011
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Help with starter solutions


 Thanks so much to the two responses. They were BOTH very helpful AND accurate! If anyone else has something to add, I will respond...


We are a sm non-profit looking for a kind developer to pls provide basic, step-by-step instructions on how to link Filemaker "Starter Solutions" together.

After reading Filemaker Pro's 'Relational Database Design 101', we found that we can use the starter solutions with minimal modification. The starter solutions we want to use are: contact management, issue tracking, product catalog and invoices.

Problem: The contact mgr, issue tracker, and invoice, 'starter solutions' each has its own customer table. We want to link each of these starter solutions to one customer table in order to eliminate re-entering the same data into the different solutions.

We also want the contact manager and issue tracker to work together, and the product catalog data to be accessed by the invoicer.

We need to eliminate any other entry duplications between solutions, define entries into the contact manager as either 'customers' or 'members' who receive either a customer or member invoice (we already have the two different Filemaker invoices), and be able to assign a cust or member number that can be different from the system generated unique ID.

Result: Enter the cust data once into the contact manager, enter the products into the catalog once, then create invoices by pulling data from the customer and product files.

How would this be done as a practical matter? We now have six Filemaker files (four starter solutions and two previous invoice files). Do we make a seventh file in order to link the six? Or do we start work from within one of the six (such as the contact manager file?)