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HELP with Sub Summary

Question asked by mmccarty on Mar 25, 2014
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HELP with Sub Summary



     I converted my FM11 database to FM13 and my layouts got hosed.  I have a complicated report that I can't get to display in Preview mode like it did in FM11.  The report contains a Sub Summary and a Body.  In some cases I want to show just the summary data and in other I want to show individual records.  To accomplish this I created a field that contains information only for those individual records I want to display.  These fields I put in the body part and will "slide up" and re-size the enclosing part when empty.  Before my sub summary would always display and the records would only display when I wanted.

     Now, when I don't want to display records in the body, the body part re-sizes but my sub summary field is cut in half.  Literally, cut in half!!  One field in sub summary has two lines, but only one shows.  In addition, I have a line underneath one summary field.  In preview mode, the first summary value does not have a line, the second has the line but in the middle of the field.  It is like objects within the sub summary are adhering to one set of rules and field another. I don't have any fields in the sub summary that slide up or re-size.  So, why would a field with multiple lines shrink?

     What changed regarding sub summary in FM13?