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Help with Tab Control script trigger

Question asked by john.s on Dec 7, 2014
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Help with Tab Control script trigger



I have a layout with tabs.  I'm trying to limit access to tab 6 using an OnTabSwithch script trigger.  That runs the following script.

If [GetValue ( Get ( TriggerTargetTabPanel) ; 1 ) = "6"      
  If [Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName ) = "Photographer"]
      Go to Object [Object Name: "Create Jobs"]
  End if
End if

So if a user with a Account privilege  of Photographer clicks on tab 6 I want to send them to a tab with an object name of "Create Jobs" which is the default tab for this layout.  I've checked to be sure the object "Create Jobs" name is defined.  This script does not do what I thought it would do.  What am I doing wrong?