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help with table

Question asked by ChiehSuaiTan on Jun 1, 2012
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help with table



I am a newbie trying to create a database for my research work

I have created 2 table for this purpose

1. Table 1, which is my parent table, which contain all the basic information that I want to capture: e.g.

ID, Urine output, Drug level and 100 other different fields

2. Table 2, which is my calculation table, which contains all the calculations that I want to do with the basic information that is collected in table 1. eg

ID, Urine output, Urine output score, Drug level , Drug level score, overall score and 50 other scoring system.

how do I

1. Auto-populate table 2 with values from table 1 for similar fields? e.g, table 1 urine output will be automatically entered into table 2 urine output?

2. After I am done with the calculations in table 2, how to I get the results back in table 1?

If it is too tedious, maybe I should combine the 2 table together as one. If so, how to I do it? I don't want to retype all the calculation/formula from table 2 into table 1