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Help with tables

Question asked by MarkBanin on Feb 22, 2015
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Help with tables


Hi Everyone

I'm a bit of a newbie.....

I'm setting up a database for use as in a recruitment agency that supplies short term candidates (not temps).

Please let me know if my premise here is wrong.....

Now I understand that your database should only contain "one to many" relationships

* an employer can have more than one candidate (employed)

*  a employer can have more than one candidate (interviewed)

* We can place a candidate at more than one employer (usually at different times in their career)

* a candidate can go for many interviews

2) I believe I need 4 tables
Table 1) Clients

Table 2) Candidates


So I guess I need a table for "interviews" and a table for "placements" as well? (making a total of four)

Which I think resolves the "many to many" relationship between employers and candidates

Is this correct?  Or am I thinking about this all wrong...

Thanks in advance for your help.