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    Help with this Relationship



      Help with this Relationship


           I have a simple contacts database with 2 tables - 'Contacts' and 'Carers' - there's then a field in the Contacts layout saying 'Carer' which I want to contain just the name of their corresponding carer. (The ID's don't match or anything so I'll have to manually type which carer goes with which contact)


           How can I achieve this?


           At the moment I have relationships between 'Contacts' CarerIDFk & 'Carers' ID (i've ticked 'allow creation of records etc etc) then i've created the field in the Contacts layout - Display Data From 'Contacts::CarerIDFk, made it a drop down list and created a Value List using the fields ID & FullName from the Carers table. This half works - I can select Carer names from a drop down list but once I select it, it shows the ID instead of FullName. I've then tried using the trick of creating another field for FullName and putting it over the top as I have done before - but this is where my relationship seems to break down - That box won't display the Fullname.


           Any help would be greatly received. Even if it's a completely different way of doing it then I've done it above! 

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               From what table occurrence did you select the FullName field?

               If your relationship reads like this:


               Then adding Carers::FullName to your layout should display the full name of the selected Carer record.

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                 Ah. Solved it. I actually had  a relationship both ways.

                 'Carers' ID --> 'Contacts' CarerIDFk  &  'Contacts' ID --> 'Carers' ContactIDFk

                 When I removed the second, the full name displays now.


                 Second question is how can I have a button so that when I click on the Carer name it goes to that profile in the Carer layout? If I make that field a button then a) it takes me to the first person in the Carer layout, not that specific person whose name I clicked on and b) obviously if i try to add a Carer to a Contact I can't click the field to get the drop-down list of names -- because it's a button.

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                   Look up Go To Related Records in FIleMaker help. You can set your button to use this method to change layouts and also bring up the related record or records linked to the current record on the layout where you placed that button.

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                     Thanks very much, PhilModJunk. All sorted now!