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Help with this Relationship

Question asked by MaxTurner on Jul 19, 2013
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Help with this Relationship


     I have a simple contacts database with 2 tables - 'Contacts' and 'Carers' - there's then a field in the Contacts layout saying 'Carer' which I want to contain just the name of their corresponding carer. (The ID's don't match or anything so I'll have to manually type which carer goes with which contact)


     How can I achieve this?


     At the moment I have relationships between 'Contacts' CarerIDFk & 'Carers' ID (i've ticked 'allow creation of records etc etc) then i've created the field in the Contacts layout - Display Data From 'Contacts::CarerIDFk, made it a drop down list and created a Value List using the fields ID & FullName from the Carers table. This half works - I can select Carer names from a drop down list but once I select it, it shows the ID instead of FullName. I've then tried using the trick of creating another field for FullName and putting it over the top as I have done before - but this is where my relationship seems to break down - That box won't display the Fullname.


     Any help would be greatly received. Even if it's a completely different way of doing it then I've done it above!