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Help with time and date status... everyone's favourite!

Question asked by FMNewbie on Sep 26, 2014
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Help with time and date status... everyone's favourite!


I have a bit of a challenge I hope someone can help me with.  I have a field called DUTY_STATUS which I want to automatically indicate whether a unit or crew would be "on duty" or "off duty" depending on time of day.  If I was using strict timestamps associated to start and end dates this would be fairly simple, however I want to keep it open ended so it will calculate on any day at any time.  I know that seems a little loosey-goosey but in this context it works.

To work with, I have SHIFT_START (a time field),  SHIFT_END (a time field) and CURRENT_TIME (which is an expression of Get (CurrentHostTimeStamp).  

For the end result, I would like DUTY_STATUS to show as "on duty" if CURRENT_TIME is between SHIFT_START and SHIFT_END, and "off duty" if CURRENT_TIME is anything outside of those two times.  Where this gets tricky, is when some of the SHIFT_END times will be after midnight. 

I feel like this is something easy that I'm missing.  I searched all the forums for something similar but I can't find anything and I'm having a hard time making it work.  

Any help would be appreciated........  Cheers.