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    Help with time reactive email task



      Help with time reactive email task



           I'm unclear on how to approach this. I was trying to create a operation where upon a certain number of days since creation an automatic email would be sent to a user if a certain task was not completed. I know how this could work proactively (pushing a button) but how could this work reacting to elapsed time?

           I'd like to run this on Filemaker Pro 11



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               You'd need to set up a script that performs a find for uncompleted tasks where the creation date field is less than today's date - the "certain number of days".

               The script would need to be performed on a regular interval--such as once a day or the first time someone opens the file each day. Once a day can be scheduled in FileMaker Server or if you do not use FileMaker Server (or don't have an SMTP mail server to use), a robot file can be scheduled to be opened by an OS based scheduler and a script in it can perform the email search/send script in your oriignal file. If you want to perform the script the first time the file is opened, you can use File Options to specify that the script be performed each time the file is opened and the script would then set a value in a field of a utility table so that it won't do anything the next time a user opens the file the same day.