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Help with understanding Portal Formating

Question asked by Thewack on Feb 1, 2010
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Help with understanding Portal Formating


Since my last post I have revamped my user interface completely but now I am strugling with "portals".  I am new to FMP9 but not relational databases so I understand the use of portals for viewing related data.


In my application I have a simple db that I use for my small woodworking business.  I have a tab set that has most of the order and customer information on the first tab and the line item information on the second tab.  


I can get a portal to work well betweeen the Orders table and the LineItems table but I cant seem to get the portal to look correct.  Currently I have the portal set to 5 lines (line item records). Each record set has LineItemID, LineItemQuantity, LineItemDescription, LinerItemPrice and a calculated field LineItemExtendedPrice.  They scroll through the records correctly related to the customer and order info on the first tab but they are limited to a single line of viewable text. Okay if my customer wants a Chair but not when they want something a bit more complex.  I have expermented with sliding but I just cant seem to put it all together to make it look and work right.


Any help or pointers to appropriate posts would be great!


Jack sends


FileMakerPro 9 iMac OSX