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Help with Unique Record IDs and the Max Function

Question asked by JeffBloxham on Apr 11, 2013
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Help with Unique Record IDs and the Max Function


     Hello all,

     I am being tasked with updating a piece of project management software running on a old filemaker version to the lates and greatest and incorporatin the new capabilities of the software.  I am really new to FM so I am learning as I go.  I have one common function in the old software that I am having issues recreating.

     Our software uses many tables to track things and most have a relationship with a project number or a specific contact.  Our old software would assigne a unique ID to a record by using the "Project Number" + Text + "Sequencial Numbers".  An example would be if you had a table to track issues on a job, when you created a new issue you would enter the job number and it would cread a uniqe ID with the value "Project Number-Issue-(next number in sequence using the MAX command by job number)".  The programmin interface between the 2 versions of FM is so different now, I am having issues copying over this function.


     Any help or ideas?