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Help with unique user over multiple tables

Question asked by tobyjai on Feb 13, 2012
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Help with unique user over multiple tables



excuse my complete ignorance am new to the whole database world and have a question.. (shortly - i would imagine - to be followed by many more!)


I am creating a personalised inventory system i have 6 tables for this part and if my reading to date stands correct we are talking about one parent and 5 child tables as all tables refer to items within inventory each table handles diffrent information for the item such as general details, financials, valuations, insurance and retail information.

I need to have a unique id which i have labelled 'itemident' and i what i want is as i move from nav menu the uniwue id put in general details section follows through the child tables so to put in practice - as i move from genral details to valuation form the unique id follows auto inputted. 


and now for my ignorance - what is th ebest way for me to accomplish that? is it as simple as creting relationships between the tables and doing a look up info from parent table itemident or do ineed to create further relationship queries between the child tables as well?