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Help with using FM to show relationships between people

Question asked by StevenNardi on Oct 30, 2014
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Help with using FM to show relationships between people


I use Filemaker to record research in the humanities. At core my database keeps track of writers and books, so I have a table of works and a table of authors and then a join table to associate them. It would also be useful, however, to be able to take notes on the relationships between people. To this end I added a second instance of the people table and a join table to show relationships. 

However, when I add a relationship, that relationship only shows up in one record. So if I’m on my Ernest Hemingway page and I add a record that he married Martha Gelhorn, it only shows up on Hemingway’s page, not Gelhorns. Further, since many relationships are directional (father --> son for example), it would be very useful if Filemaker could understand if I added a daughter to Audrey Hepburn’s record, that would show up as a mother on Katherine Hepburn’s entry. 

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to structure this (assuming it is possible)?