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Help with using multiple tables in mutiple tabs- please help!!

Question asked by Miranda1980 on Mar 9, 2010
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Help with using multiple tables in mutiple tabs- please help!!


Hi, I am completely new to this software, or any database software for that matter. So please excuse if what I'm asking for either doesn't make sense or is not very clear, I will try to give as much info as possible. I've read the help files til my head is spinning and can not figure out how to build the database I need. What I am doing is making a database where I want to have 7 tables that are arranged in 7 tabs and all viewable at once (meaning within the same layout I'm able to go from tab to tab and see each of my tables info within each tab). The reason I think I need to have them all in seperate tables is because they will all have the same fields but with completely different info in each table/tab. I'm tracking 7 different people- and tracking within each of them the same things (such as their details, their customers, etc.)This info within each tab is also in tabs, but I'm not sure that's relevant to my question.


I was able to figure out most of what I needed on the design aspects and got it all perfect in one tab and table- I have all 7 tabs showing on that table but obviously when I go to copy the fields within tab1 to tab2 it is using the exact same info to fill in those fields, I'm assuming because it's from the same table- this has led me to believe I need a diffrerent table for each. I have created the tables now for each of the different people, and can see how I would need to design the layouts for each table, I see how to make the fields and all, however I can't seem to determine how I will be able to make all those tables/tabs show together. I tried to simply input fields from the new table 2 onto a tab from table 1 but it said it was 'unrelated' when I tried to then use it to input info.


I have seen this done (I think) on the sample template for 'Email Campaign Management'- I tried that  when first starting my database and decided to make a new one as that one didn't completely meet my needs and I was having trouble editing it, but I'm using the same tabbed style. In that one I saw that when you go from tab to tab (the main ones anyway) it shows you on a different layout on each one, and what I also believe is a different table. That's what I need to figure out how to do.


I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced vs 10 on Vista 64. Thanks for any help!!