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    Help with using portals please



      Help with using portals please


      FM10 pro Ad on a mac.

      Trying to create a portal in 'Lesson Plans' DB using table from 'Pupil Data' DB.

      When adding the second table to the 'Lesson Plans' DB, it appears with the fields but no records.

      When I try to create a portal in 'Lesson Plans' DB, I am unable to see any records listed from 'Pupil Data' DB.


      Any advice much appreciated!


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          Please describe what you are doing in more detail.


          Do you have two separate files here or two tables in the same file?


          What relationship are you trying to set up between your two tables?

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            Thank you for you support, I really appreciate it.


            I have two database files, one for pupil data and one for developing lesson plans.  I would like to be able to draw on the pupil data file so that within a layout of the lesson plan file I can list a specific class of pupils from a given cohort and supply more able and SEN info.  When in the lesson plan database, viewing the list of pupils layout, I would like to be able to change the cohort and group selected, so that whenever I need to supply complete lesson plans with named pupils present it will only take me a few moments to produce.


            The pupil database has a table called 'Art Years 6 8' only, (with 373 fields and 747 records).

            The lesson database has the 'Art Years 6 8' table imported (with 373 fields and no records); as well as its own original table 'Art Lesson Plans' (with 203 fields and 45 records).


            At present the tables in the lesson database are not related - when I have tried before to relate the two tables through the fields COHORT and then also FORM I have failed to create a portal in the The lesson database that can call up the fields I would like.


            I have assumed using a portal was the logical way forward?


            Many Thanks for your time.



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              A portal is certainly one option. I can't tell if it is the best option.


              What version of filemaker are you using? (With recent versions of filemaker, you could have all of this in one file.)


              I've been a teacher myself, but "cohort" is a new term for me in this context. I can't quite follow the link between a lesson plan and a given group of students. Is "cohort" a group of students that are part of a class or ?


              A filtered portal is possible. on the other hand you may be able to simply write a small script that uses information in your current lesson plan record (How can your lesson plan file have no records?!) to find a group of records in your pupil data file and display them in that file.

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                Phil, Thanks again for your willingness to help me.


                By Cohort we mean a year intake.  I am currently on Filemaker Pro Advance 10.0v3 (have asked for the 11 upgrade - just have to see about that).


                I teach in mixed groups, which are our forms.


                So I want to pull out a form of a given cohort and have them flagged for MAGT and SEN.  So at any given lesson plan I would like to  be able to select a form from a cohort, then another day I might want the same lesson but with a different group listed.


                It is when I import the Pupil data table to the lesson plan file, that I actually get all the fileds (this appears in a new layout) but not all the pupil data to go with it.  Do you want me to include pictures to help you see where I am at?


                Sorry if this is slim on info, would you like blanks of the two databases I am using?


                Many Thanks :smileyhappy:





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                  OK, Here's how I'm reading your posts. Let me know if I misunderstand.


                  You have a series of lesson plan records in one table.  You have a list of students grouped into "cohorts" in another table.


                  You need to link different groups of students with different lesson plan records.


                  That makes for a many to many relationship (many students can be linked to many lesson plans).


                  That's how I interpret your posts anyway...


                  I don't think you should import any data here, just use a third table, called a Join table, to link a given group of students to a given lesson plan.


                  Your relationship will look a little like this:


                  Lesson Plans------<LP_Students>----Student Data


                  Your key fields would match up like this:

                  Lesson Plans::PlanID = LP_Students::PlanID


                  Student Data :: StudentID = LP_Students :: StudentID


                  Given that your students are grouped into Cohorts and I think you want to select a lesson plan for all the students in a given cohort, you might be able to use something like


                  Student Data::Cohort = LP_Students :: Cohort


                  Instead of using a student ID field.