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Help with what tables I need to build

Question asked by JohnAnthony on Dec 14, 2010
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Help with what tables I need to build


Thanks so much for the help so far.  I can easily design a database to do basic stuff but I would prefer if I am going to do it I may as well learn it the right way.  Let me give you a run down of what I am designing.

I collect judgments in the court houses.  The Debtor and Creditor and the Judgment itself are all linked together.  On occasion I have the same Creditor going after different Debtors, but for my purposes its best to keep it separate and treat it as a completely different creditor.  So let's treat those 3 as the same.

I have built the general layout, and I was able to build a table with the court names to automate things better.  Now I am getting into the money side of it, and I was hoping those with experience may be able to help guide me in the though process of how each table should be linked together.

I have Judgments (which include the judgment, creditor, and debtor in one)

I have one for courts (so i can have a list of courts to choose from)

i have one for Assets (this isnt money its just a list so i can add stuff at will)


what I need to do is take payments from debtors, then send a % of that payment to creditors 

I need to send form letters to both

I have court expenses (these do not have to be tied to the courts, not necessary)

and the biggest one of all is sending a monthly report that shows payments from only that month (I will need to do interest calculations and such along with keeping a runnign total of princiapk and interest payments)


What tables would you recommend that I build to do all of this.  I hope I dont seem like I am asking someone to build it, I'm not, I will learn it.  But those with experience may have a better idea of how where I should start it so it doesnt get out of control.