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Help with Work Order Numbers

Question asked by RyanCourville on Mar 8, 2013
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Help with Work Order Numbers




     I am working on creating a work order database and what I am trying to accomplish is if you press create new work order button it runs a script to create a new record and new work order #. (Which works) But I would like to do is have the other button that says duplicate customer info (also a script)  to use the same work order #. As of now when you press it, it increments the WO# by 1.

     Is there a way to make it so when you press create new work order it will increment the work order # by 1. But when you click duplicate it will copy the previous work order number. Also I would like it to be able to keep track of the orginial work order number as shown below.




     press new work order 001

     press duplicate 001

     press duplicate 001

     press new work order 002