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      Ok so I have two layouts, "product" and "pictures". In the "pictures" table I enter one picture for each record. In my "product" layout I have five containers, each with its own drop down menu. Both layouts are linked through a model # relationship. What I would like is that when I enter the model # in the product layout the dropdown menus are then populated with the different picture descriptions found under that specific model # in the "pictures" layout. I would then like to be able to pick one of the descriptions from the dropdown and have that corresponding picture show up in the container. Make sense? Can anyone help me out?



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             Instead of 5 container fields, try a portal with 5 rows and place the container field from your images table in the portal row. If you are unfamiliar with portals, you can find out more in filemaker's help section.
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            But I want to be able to choose which pictures I want from the other table, not have it show up immediately. Like I might have 10 pictures with the same model number but different description (description is what keeps each image unique) but in the product layout I want to be able to pick only 5.


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              The basic concept still works, you just have to set up your relationships to include a field where you select an image in a value list such as a drop down.


              Try this, assuming your pictures table has at least these fields:

              PictureID (serial number)


              Model #

              Picture (container field)


              Define a field in your parts table, SelectedPict as a number field.


              Make a 2nd table occurrence of your Pictures table in Manage | Database | Relationships, name it SelectedPicture and link it to your parts table like this:

              Parts::selectedPict = SelectedPicture:: PictureID


              Place the SelectedPict field on your layout and set it up with a conditional value list of two columns: column 1 is your PictureID and column 2 is your description field--both from your Pictures table. (Use the conditional value list to limit your list to just those pictures for the current part record.)

              Place the Picture field from SelectedPicture (not pictures) next to or beneath SelectedPict and you can now select an image description in Selected Picture and see the picture appear in the field next to it.


              Here's a thread on setting up conditional value lists:

              Custom Value List?

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                Thanks that worked!!!